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Group guidelines

Children must be accompanied by their parent/carer throughout the session and remain the responsibility of that adult. Please remember to sign in and out, so we know who is in the building.


We encourage children to be kind to each other at all times and ask for your help to ensure that your child’s behaviour does not affect the other children’s enjoyment of the group.  Members are expected to show respect for everyone attending the group and treat everything that is said or heard in confidence.


Health and Safety

If there is a fire, please vacate the building immediately and assemble on the playground, or, if this is unsafe, in the church grounds.  Please do not leave until the attendance register has been called.

In the event of an accident, a first aider is available downstairs in the Playgroup and Preschool. There is a first aid kit available and an accident book is in the sign in folder.

Stair gates are positioned at every exit point. Please ensure they are shut securely after use.

Please be careful with your hot drinks and try to keep out of reach of children.